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Private Party Transfer

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing FFL Dealer Sunnyvale for your firearm transfer services. Your safety is our top priority, and we want to ensure a seamless and pleasant experience for you. To facilitate this, please take note of the following store policies:

  1. Pricing Regulation: The State of California regulates the fees for Private Party Transfers (PPT). The current charges are $37.19 for the background check fee and $10 for each firearm. There are no storage fees as long as you pick up from 10th to 15th day. To encourage a quicker pick up, I have to charge storage fees for those who are a little less excited to pick up their guns. $5 per day per firearm after the 15th day. $10 per day per firearm after 20th to 30th day. $15 per day per firearm from 30th to until you pick up. 1st day is considered the day of the background check.
  2. Appointment Guidelines:
    • Please be punctual, as the PPT process may take some time.
    • Have all required documents ready on the day of the background check. Check our website ( for the necessary documentation. *We will not accept ID with PO BOX or UPS address accepted. Your must provide secondary proof such as car registration with your current address.
    • Ensure all firearms are unloaded and cleared before arriving; do not clear the firearm in our office.
    • We only do PPT on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  3. Firearm Inspection:
    • Inspections by the buyer should be conducted before the scheduled appointment.
    • Bring only the firearm and its magazine; no ammunition should be present in or around the firearm or its case.
    • If you have multiple firearms, kindly inform us in advance, as each will require approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Time Allocation:
    • If in a hurry, schedule an appointment when you can allocate sufficient time to avoid rushing the process.
    • Note that arriving 15 minutes or more late will result in the cancellation of your appointment; you can cancel or reschedule one hour before the appointment.
  5. Firearm Safety Devices (FSD):
    • Gun locks, bore locks, and trigger locks are required by law.
    • You can choose between two options: buy a FSD from us $7 or from another store, or alternatively, sign a safety affidavit.
      • We will not accept FSD that came with the used gun.
    • If you purchased an FSD from another store, please bring the receipt dated within 30 days if you purchased one; otherwise, one can be purchased from us for $7.
    • If you prefer to sign the RIFLE safe affidavit, please know the make and model of your safe. Please have it ready when you sign the form.
    • If you will be signing the safe affidavit for a handgun safe, please look for it in the approved list from DOJ and print it out and have it ready during your appointment. You will not be allowed to do the search for it during the appointment and we will not do the search for you. Please be ready if not, you’ll pay the $7 FSD device that we sell. Here’s the link to the DOJ website: Search for a Safety Device | State of California – Department of Justice – Office of the Attorney General
  6. Assault Weapons:
    • Research and make sure your firearm is NOT considered an assault weapon.
      • Assault Weapon Identification Guide – Link to Catergory 1 Assault Weapon by Make and Model
      • Semi-Auto Rifles must be “fixed magazine” or “Featureless”. If you’re not familiar with these terms, then research what they mean. Your semi-auto rifle must be compliant. If it’s an AR type, then you have the option to remove the upper and you can just transfer the lower instead.
    • We do not know all make and model categories listed as assault weapons in California, so do your research beforehand.

PPT service is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Please be aware that failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the cancellation of your appointment or other necessary actions. Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.


Email me if you have any questions but please read this page and the link provided above so that you don’t ask the questions that is already answered by simply reading the information given to you. Our Email is [email protected]

Here’s your appointment link to schedule your appointment.