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Gun in Stock

Available today for background check
Updated: May 28, 2024
If you want what we have down below, please buy it online. You should receive an email from us within 24hours.
* “In Stock” = Available for immediate DROS
Springfield XD-M Elite 9mm – One in Stock *New on the roster $575 + tax & DROS
PTR PTR 9R 9mm (Ca Compliant Rifle) – In Stock
Glock 19 Gen 3 – ONE ON THE WAY
Desert Tech WLVRN – FDE 5.56NATO – 1 Available
Springfield Hellcat w OSP x 2 available
Springfield Hellcat Pro – TWO IN STOCK
Sig Sauer P365 – in stock
Springfield XD 9 Sub-Compact – We will pay for the background fee $37.19 Value
Springfield XD 9 Compact – We will pay for the background fee – $37.19 Value
Springfield 1911 MilSpec PB9151L – CA – We will pay for the background fee – $37.19 Value
Springfield EMP Compact 1911 9mm – One in stock
Glock 19 Gen 3 – 1 available
Sig Sauer P365 OSP – 1 available
Taurus 856 UL (Ultralight) .38 special – 1 available
FN FIVE SEVEN BLACK – 1 available
Sig P365 now available online.
Walther P22 Target – 22LR caliber
Ruger SR22 – .22LR Caliber

Email us if you are interested at [email protected]

If you do not find the firearm you need, you can purchase it from our ONLINE GUN STORE here.
NO FFL Fee and Free Shipping.

Available only at our Online Store
New to the roster – see below
Ruger MAX 9 Calif Compliant available at
SIG P365 Calif Compliant – please email / inquire via email.
Hellcat – will be available sometime in late January to early February 2024.

Newly added guns on the California Roster
Max 9 and Sig P320 M18 were added a couple of months ago
All new guns are linked to my store.
It will be at least a couple of months before you’ll see it in stock.
Best to place it on your wish list.

ColtANACONDA (ANACONDA-SP4RTS)44 MAGNUMRevolver4.25″11/16/2023
Smith & WessonM&P9 M2.0 Compact – 14032*9mmPistol4″11/16/2023
KimberK6XS Carry.38 Special +PRevolver2″11/16/2023
Smith & WessonM&P9 Shield Plus – 14031*9mmPistol3.1″11/16/2023
Springfield ArmoryHellcat* SKU HC9319BOSPCA9mmPistol3″11/16/2023
Smith & WessonM&P9 M2.0 – 14033*9mmPistol4.25″11/16/2023
Springfield ArmoryXDM Elite* SKU XDME9459BCA9mmPistol4.5″11/16/2023
Springfield ArmoryHellcat Pro* SKU HCP9379BOSPCA9mmPistol3.7″11/16/2023
Sig Sauer365-9-BXR3P-MS-CA*9mmPistol3.1″11/02/2023