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Buying Gun from Other Store

Here are some guidelines when ordering from a 3rd party seller.
1. First and foremost, consider making your purchase from our website at This option comes with the added benefits of NO FFL fee and free shipping.
2. If you opt to order from a different source, ensure the firearm complies with state laws by checking with the seller. a. For handguns, confirm that they are on the handgun roster. Keep in mind that some guns of the same make and model might differ in color, indicating they are not on the roster.
3. Make sure the Semi-automatic rifle is California compliant. Is it “Fixed Mag” or “Featureless” semi-automatic rifle? Understanding these terms is crucial, as non-compliance could lead to the firearm being classified as an assault weapon. It’s essential to be well-informed to avoid potential legal and financial consequences, such as lawyer fees and potential jail time. Seek guidance from the seller for any clarification you may need.
4. If the handgun is not on the roster or the semi-auto rifles is not complaint, then it will be returned to the seller which will cost you re-stocking fees.

You can purchase compliant firearms rifles from my website or from large retailers like Sportsman, Palmetto, Midway, and others similar big box stores without permission.
However, before buying California compliance rifles from smaller or independent sellers, you must obtain permission from us.

The buyer must cover any fees incurred if the following conditions are not met: All handguns must be listed on the California handgun roster, except for those exempted or classified under C&R handguns. All semi-automatic rifles & handguns must comply with PC 30515 (assault weapon law). If you don’t know, ask the seller. If they do not know, please don’t order from them.  


*$100 for 1st firearm and $40 per each additional firearm (if DROS’d the same time). Firearms can mean guns, rifles, receivers, and anything requiring an FFL to transfer to you.

Required Details

Required Details to Email at [email protected] once you’ve completed your purchase.
1. Your Name used in the order and additional information you want to tell us.
a. Please use your legal name used on your DMV license.
b. Please provide your Email and Phone number when ordering from the seller.
2. Provide the receipt which shows you paid sales tax or not. If you didn’t pay sales tax, expect to pay once you pick up your order.
3. When making multiple firearm purchases from third-party sellers (applies to FFL3 w COE), it is essential that all orders arrive within a couple of weeks of each other. We cannot accommodate requests to hold firearms while awaiting additional items for a future big sale. Our safe storage capacity is limited, and it is consistently occupied.
4. If the handgun is not on the roster or the semi-automatic rifle is not compliant, it will be returned to the seller, incurring restocking fees on your part.
5. Use this same email thread to communicate with us about your order to keep it organized.
6. Absolutely no threaded handguns. No magazine more than 10 rounds unless you’re a police officer.
7. Absolutely no handguns remanufacture from semi-auto to single shot such as a Staccato. Check the manufacturer’s website. If they do not sell a single-shot version, then it’s been remanufactured from semi-auto to single shot. It’s federal legal for FFL 7 to remanufacture a semi-auto to single shot but they cannot sell it here in California due to PC 32100. It’s illegal.

Rules for buying “California compliant” rifles from independent or smaller seller:

Our laws are confusing and it seems that the big box retailers will most likely get it right. However, the smaller mom pop stores or independent retailers will not (even if they say they do).

Please have the seller contact me at [email protected] describing how they “Fixed” the rifle or how it is featureless.

What parts did they use to “fixed” or made the firearm featureless?

Is it foldable stock or not? Did they pin the stock if it’s foldable stock?

How long is the rifle?


Purchasing handguns are easier since most California compliant handguns do have specific UPC and SKU’s. You can always Google the handgun you want followed by “California compliant” to find the UPC or if your specific gun is on our roster.
Example: “CZ SP01 California compliant” which should show you multiple websites that sell them.

Handgun Roster – Handguns Certified for Sale | State of California – Department of Justice – Office of the Attorney General

What information will you need? Link to My License

It’s okay for them to ship to my FFL address. Please check the message area on our homepage, as it will provide information about our closure for an extended period or any open status. We currently do not operate on weekends. We absolutely want all background checks to be by appointment only. However, it is not necessary for you to have an appointment when picking up your firearm after the 10-day waiting period but expect to wait. We do prioritize clients with appointments. If you don’t like appointments, prefer weekend appointments, or our process, please use another FFL in the Bay Area. Thank you!

Here is the link to my license: FFL COPY – Google Drive

Ship to FFL Dealer Sunnyvale 170 N. Wolfe Road Suite 1 Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Alternatively, and if allowed by the seller, you can add your name.

John Doe JR
FFL Dealer Sunnyvale
170 N. Wolfe Rd Suite 1
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Just in case you missed it. Here’s a link to my FFL license: License click here

What’s next?

Sit tight and drink your beer. Please read the information page before sending me a message – This page should also answer any questions you may have about required documents to bring for your background check.

1. Keep track of your tracking so you’d know approximately when you’ll receive an email from us.
2. Please refrain from sending emails notifying us of package arrivals (or missed deliveries), as we won’t be able to determine the contents until we have processed all incoming packages. Kindly wait until the end of the second day (after 9pm), as indicated by the tracking information, before emailing us any notifications regarding your package arrivals.
a. Missed deliveries – this happens when my usual delivery guys go on vacation, or we are out of town on an extended period.
b. United States Post Office – it will be picked up the next day if they leave a door tag.
3. You should receive an email from us by the END of the day (usually after 9pm) when the packaged arrived.
4. Please use the same email thread you used to communicate with me regarding the same order to keep it organized.

Shit List

I refuse to accept firearms from Old Western Scrounger LLC. They made it extremely difficult to return a firearm when a client wasn’t satisfied with the rifle purchased from them. Please use another FFL.