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FFL 3 with COE FAQ

Understanding the Federal Firearm License Type 3: Curio and Relic Collectors

The Federal Firearm License (FFL) system in the United States is a regulatory framework designed to oversee the manufacturing, importation, and sale of firearms and ammunition. Among the various types of FFLs available, the Federal Firearm License Type 3, commonly known as the Curio and Relic (C&R) license, holds a special place for firearm enthusiasts, collectors, and historians. This license allows individuals to legally collect certain types of firearms that are of significant historical, cultural, or collector’s interest.

What is a Curio and Relic License?

The Curio and Relic License is a specialized license under the broader FFL system, which is regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The primary purpose of this license is to facilitate the collection and preservation of firearms that have historical significance. Firearms that qualify as curios or relics are typically at least 50 years old, though more recent firearms may also qualify if they hold special historical value or are deemed by the ATF to be collectible.

Benefits of a C&R License

  1. Direct Acquisition: One of the primary benefits of holding a C&R license is the ability to directly acquire eligible firearms from out-of-state sellers without the need to go through a local FFL dealer. This can simplify the process and reduce the costs associated with purchasing and transferring firearms.
  2. Cost-Effective: The C&R license is relatively inexpensive compared to other FFL types. As of 2024, the application fee is $30 for a three-year license, making it an affordable option for collectors.
  3. Preservation of History: For those passionate about history, a C&R license provides the opportunity to own pieces of history. Collectors can gather firearms that played significant roles in various historical contexts, from military conflicts to technological advancements in firearm design.
  4. Ammo Straight to your door step.
  5. You will be exempted from FSC and Safe Handling requirements.
  6. Exempted from 1-30 rule.
  7. Take home curio and relic the same day.

Our Store Policy:

  1. You can purchase as many firearms as you want. However, you cannot wait several weeks before doing a background check on the firearms you have purchased to save on your background check fees. Firearms must be purchased within 1.5 weeks of each other. Once they arrive, you have 2-5 days to complete your background check. If the background check is not started within 7 days after we have sent you an email, a storage fee will apply. The fee is $3 per day per firearm (shotguns, rifles, receivers, etc.).
  2. If you purchase a handgun that is a curio and relic, you must be able to easily prove that it is over 50 years old. We do not want your opinion; we want proof. If there is ambiguity, do not buy. If the firearm is returned, you will be charged $75 per firearm returned and you or the seller will pay for the shipping fee.
  3. If there is any ambiguity (lacks proof), the firearm will be returned. No exceptions.
  4. Many firearms that are known to be over 50 years old are easily identified such as a WWII & Korean War rifles and handguns. If there are any questions as to how old it is, please ask the seller.
  5. Curio and Relic firearms must still comply with state laws. For example, if the handgun is over 50 years old but it has a magazine that’s over 10 rounds or threaded barrel, then it is not legal to be shipped here. Do not have the seller ship any magazine over ten rounds – you will not get them from us unless you are a peace officer.
  6. Fees are listed on our main page –
  7. Documents – a valid FFL / COE and DMV DL or ID.