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Buying Ammo From Other Sellers

I face challenges in receiving ammunition from certain vendors as they often do not provide receipts or the name of the person who placed the order. If you choose to order from a different vendor, please ensure to email me your details. We do have a shit list down below of vendors that we do not want to work with.


$30 per package but not more than $50

Required Details

Required Details to Email at [email protected]
1. Your Name used in the order. Please use your legal name when emailing me if different from what you used to purchase your order.
2. Please provide your email and phone number to the seller. There will be a delay if you just provide your phone number.
3. Provide the receipt which shows you paid sales tax. If you don’t pay sales tax, expect to pay once you pick up your ammo.
4. Tracking number if available since we also use this data to figure out who ordered the ammo. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have it.
5. All orders must arrive within a week of each other. You cannot hold your ammo here while waiting for another sale. Any ammo arriving 2 weeks apart will be charged another $30 but not more than $50.
6. Ammo not picked up withing 1.5 week of arriving will accrue storage fee of $2 per day
(we have a small storage area). During Thanksgiving week and Christmas week will have 2.5 weeks to pick up from the arrival date.

Where to Ship the Ammo / Link to My License

Ship to FFL Dealer Sunnyvale 170 N. Wolfe Road Suite 1 Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Alternatively and if allowed by the seller, you can add your name.

John Doe JR
FFL Dealer Sunnyvale
170 N. Wolfe Rd Suite 1
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Link to my FFL license:

What’s next?

Sit tight and drink your beer. Please read the information page before sending me a message – This page should also answer any questions you may have about required documents to bring for your background check.

1. Keep track of your tracking so you’d know approximately when you’ll receive an email from us.
2. Please refrain from sending emails notifying us of package arrivals (or missed deliveries), as we won’t be able to determine the contents until we have processed all incoming packages. Kindly wait until the end of the second day (after 9pm), as indicated by the tracking information, before emailing us any notifications regarding your package arrivals.
a. Missed deliveries – this happens when my usual delivery guys go on vacation, or we are out of town on an extended period.
b. United States Post Office – it will be picked up the next day if they leave a door tag.
3. You should receive an email from us by the END of the day (usually after 9pm) when the packaged arrived. This does NOT apply during special events such as change in laws (“sin tax” as an example), Black Friday, Christmas holiday sale, Cyber Monday, and similar large sale events. We will need two days to possibly process the orders.
4. Please use the same email thread you used to communicate with me regarding the same order to keep it organized.

Please check the message area on our homepage, as it will provide information about our closure for an extended period or any open status. We currently do not operate on weekends. We do prioritize clients with appointments but if you want to drop-by you can but expect to wait up to 30 minutes.


These vendors are too lazy to place receipts / information in the package – I will not accept from these vendors. If you order from these vendors, you will be charged $50 per package for inconvenience fee. If two packages that means $100.
Champion’s Choice
– Midway USA (ammo only / non-firearms) – they have consistently sent me packages without any information. DO NOT ORDER