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Family Firearm Transfer Process:

In California, familial transfer of firearms is permitted under certain conditions. To receive an off-roster firearm from a relative, they must be a direct ancestor or descendant, such as a grandparent, parent, or child. However, relatives such as uncles and siblings do not qualify under this provision.

NOTE: Magazine 10 rounds or less and No threaded barrels

Required Documentation:

You’ll need a letter confirming your relationship to the person gifting you the firearm. This letter should include details such as the serial number, make, and model of the firearm. Additionally, it must be physically signed by the giver; digital signatures are not accepted. Alongside the letter, include a clear photocopy of a valid DMV ID or driver’s license.

In addition to the above statement, please read this page for documentation required for your background check: QUICK REFERENCE – FFL Dealer Sunnyvale (


Long guns can be shipped through USPS, while handguns are limited to UPS and FedEx. Alternatively, to simplify the process, you can purchase the handgun from our online store, which will then be sent to our Sunnyvale office. If your relative opts to purchase from our online store, please inform us beforehand. Purchases from our online store enjoy free shipping and are exempt from FFL fees. You will not be able to get the magazine if it arrives with 11 rounds or more capacity. Out online store is:


A $100 FFL fee.
DROS fee is $37.10.

If purchased from my online store:
FFL Fee $0
DROS fee is $ 37.19

What’s Next?
Once your relative ships the firearm, you’ll need to wait until it arrives at our office. Once we’ve received the firearm, you’ll receive an email by the end of the day with instructions on scheduling your appointment and providing the required documents.

Example letter:
Please provide one letter and one copy DMV ID for each firearm. Two firearms = two letters / two copies of ID.

Subject: Firearm Gift
To: FFL Dealer Sunnyvale

This letter is to confirm that I am gifting the firearm(s) listed below to ______________ (name) their phone number is _______. This person is my ___________ (relationship). I am including a copy of the front and back of my state Driver’s License/ID Card for documentation purposes.

Wet Signature: ____________________________

City / State:
Phone Number:

Serial Number:

Proof of residency:
See this pdf: